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Herman Desbrunes: A 3 Time Certified Master Auto Technician you can trust!
March 1, 2017 | 6h15PM ET

By Dessalines Ferdinand

There is a tendency for members of South Florida's Haitian Community to not use the service of one of their own in many sectors, from lawyers, Real Estate agents, to car sellers. Such an attitude looks a little sad and unsupportive. Unfortunately, a lot of that has to do with the fact that many of our 'professional' providers in the community deceived their clients through the years. Therefore, Haitian consumers have no choice than turn themselves to professionals in other communities who stand behind their work to guarantee a great level of satisfaction.

Finding a professional in the Haitian community is very rare, but they exist, even though in a small number. It is just a matter of luck to be served by one, because those professionals also have a tendency to complain about how difficult it is to deal with Haitian consumers, pointing out the fact that they (consumers) give too many problems, like haggling the cost of services down below what's often considered 'reasonable.'

Herman Desbrunes, a three-time certified Master Automotive technician based in Pompano (Broward County) is, without any doubt, a proud member of this small group of Haitian professionals living in South Florida. Born in Saint-Louis-du-Nord (Northwest Department of Haiti), the love of working on cars inspired him since childhood. At the age of 10 he used to sneak out from his parents' home - during the summer - to go to a neighbor's house to watch him fix motorcycles. Realizing that he (Herman) was deeply interested in joining the automotive industry, his father decided to send him to Port-de-Paix to continue his studies as a way to help steer him away from that career path.

In Port-de-Paix, it happened that the teenager's new home was located in the neighborhood of a motorcycle repair shop; a place he kept visiting on the weekends just to observe and learn more about being a mechanic without his parents knowing anything about it.

Once his father became aware of his 'secret' activity, the young Herman was sent to the capital Port-au-Prince. There, while focusing on his high school studies, he kept developing his love for the automotive industry. He even bought many books to learn more about fixing cars. After high school graduation in 1990, his parents insisted that he go to medical school, but Herman refused and vowed to make a career as an automotive mechanic. Not too happy with him, for that reason, his father took him back to his native home of Saint-Louis-du-Nord, but bought him a small car. That vehicle was a turning point in developing Herman's talent in automotive repairs.

"I enjoyed the challenge of fixing everything in my car at a young age. It made me realize that working as a mechanic was right for me, despite the disapproval of my parents. I was talented enough in the automotive industry at a young age that many people in Saint-Louis-du-Nord came to me to resolve their cars problems," recalled Herman in a conversation with Le Floridien.

Two years later Herman immigrated to Florida. His first job was at a family member's store [a Teleco Plus in Miami owned by Roger Alcindor]. Noting that the young man had good knowledge in the automotive repair field for his age, Alcindor suggested he go to school to take Mechanical Engineering courses. Taking Alcindor's advice seriously, Herman registered a few months later at Atlantic Technical Center in Coconut Creek (Broward County) where he graduated in 1996 from the Automotive Technician program. Since then, the door to entering his long-desired career was wide open.

As an ambitious young professional, Herman Desbrunes did not stop there in his learning process. He worked his way up to becoming a well-respected professional auto mechanic. While working in the mechanical field as a beginner to make his living, he found time to attend many seminars and other mechanic programs.

Those extracurricular activities have helped him pass the eight required tests to become a Master certified automotive technician. The exams are not easy; about 1 in 3 test-takers fail any given test. The certified technicians must retake each exam at least once every five years to stay certified. ASE certification is available in areas, including engine repair, brake systems, Automatic Transmission, Electrical System, Engine Performance, and more.

Herman regularly attends classes to keep his certifications up to date and learn more about fixing cars in a rapidly evolving environment. He is now a three-time certified Master Technician, to receive three gold plaques from The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

As an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, Herman has participated in many seminars organized by BMW, Toyota, Ford, GM , and Chrysler. He specializes in servicing hybrid cars. He also has teaching experience. From 2005 to 2006, Herman taught a comprehensive electric vehicle course at Automotive Technical Institute (ATI) in Broward County. That branch has since closed (in 2011).

Herman Desbrunes has worked at several popular auto repair shops in Broward County, such a Brake World, Lipton Toyota, and Anything On Wheels (as Shop Foreman), before making the smart move to open his own shop in 2002 under the name A&H Auto Repairs, located at 1215 South Dixie Highway Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

"The mechanic job is a challenge of figuring out what is wrong with the car and making effective repairs," said the Haitian technician. "The field in general is rapidly changing in all areas, and I enjoy keeping up with the latest innovations and staying on top."

On an average day, as owner-manager of A&H Auto Repairs, Boss Herman (his nickname) supervises his team's work and he's the go-between person. He personally diagnoses and oversees all repairs to ensure quality work is being done. When needed, he talks to customers about their particular needs and concerns.

According to Boss Herman, a logical, open mind is a necessity within this field. There must be a willingness to learn how to resolve problems, even with unconventional methods. Communication skills are mandatory. A positive attitude is also essential.

When asked 'How has the popularity of the Internet affected automotive service? For example, these days, more customers trying to self-diagnose their car problems based on something they read online. Boss Herman answered, "This happens all the time which is a very irritating problem for the professional mechanic. Customer self-diagnosis usually does not fix cars and can cause further problems." He suggests that letting a professional do the job is the best thing to avoid complicating the problems.

The native of Saint-Louis-du-Nord is also an inventor. His name is listed on the official website of PATENTBUDDY ( http://www.patentbuddy.com/Inventor/Desbrunes-Herman/11931100 ) as inventor of many mechanical parts, including 'Land vehicle braking system', which could help him become a millionaire. Unfortunately, BMW Group, a big corporation that submitted a similar part (with the same function) had been patented for its invention before the Haitian technician.

Desbrunes was asked several times to make some changes in his patent application, a delay which, he said, gave the Luxury vehicle company enough time to obtain its patent for the similar part. The Haitian professional finally gave up in his battle to complete his patent application, pointing out lack of funds because he had to pay a patent lawyer $3,000.00 each time he (lawyer) had to make the requested changes and re-submit his invention application. However, Herman still believes that one day he will make some great money from at least one of his other inventions [a Heads Up Display, a Dispensing toothbrush, and Wrench 18] officially patented by Patent Buddy.

Boss Herman is considered a 'savior' for many people who own luxury cars with expired warranties. And many well-known personalities in the Haitian Community can testify how they save a great deal in the repair cost of their luxury cars when they take them to A&H Auto Repair.

If you are looking for an auto repair shop where you can take your vehicle, including all models of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Lexus and many other luxury vehicles, for repair, LE FLORIDIEN recommends Boss Herman; a trusted three--time certified Master Technician, and a Genuinely Good Guy you can trust with all your car problems. Herman Desbrunes is definitively a rare professional mechanic technician who can give you peace of mind with your car for reasonable fees.

If you live in Dade or Palm Beach Counties, do not let the distance discourage you. A trip to A&H Auto Repair Shop in Pompano Beach to receive a diagnostic from Boss Herman is worthwhile.

To contact Boss Herman Desbrunes, please call (954) 709-1496 or email him at hmaster412@hotmail.com

A&H Auto Repair
1215 South Dixie Highway
Pompano Beach, FL 33060







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