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Primary Medical Center & Urgent Care Clinic Celebrates Mother's Day with its patients
May 16, 2017 | 6h42PM ET

MIAMI - Mother's Day in the United States is commonly celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May. It's a time when people celebrate mothers and the importance of these women in the lives of children.

Since its opening in April 2013, Primary Medical Center & Urgent Care Clinic, never miss the chance to celebrate Mother's Day with its patients.

Prinston Jean-Glaude, the owner and founder of the clinic always uses this special occasion to show his appreciation to those women who rely on his clinic for their health needs.

Every year's Mother's Day celebration has been getting bigger and bigger at Primary Medical Care Center. Last Friday, May 12, as it becomes an annual event, Mr. Jean-Glaude and his wife, with the help of the entire staff of the clinic, organized a wonderful Mother's Day celebration at the clinic facility located at the corner of 115th Street and 7th Ave, in honor of the female patients who rely on their clinic, especially those who are mothers themselves.

The event started at 11:30am with Dr. Alie Darbouze welcoming the guests and delivered a moving introduction. She emceed the event with elegance.

Sister Darlyne conducted the invocation and paid tribute to those mothers in attendance. She also took time to thank those staff members at the clinic who helped to make it so valuable and important to the community.

The guests were then entertained with some nice gospel songs performed by the duo Patricia & Clausel for fifteen minutes before Mr. Jean-Glaude took the mic to interact with them.

"The celebration of Mother's Day is a time to highlight the need for greater community action to empower women in our community," Jean-Glaude said. "From our mothers comes life and learning and we must always appreciate the role our mothers play in our communities."

Three well-known medical professionals took part in the event as guest speakers. Dr. Jean-Marcel Forte, PA-C, a Physician Assistant in Miami, spoke about Medication Adherence. During his conversation with the audience, he noted that it is estimated that three out of four patients do not take their medication as directed.

"Taking medication correctly may seem like a simple or personal matter, but non-adherence (or not taking medication as directed) is a complicated and common problem," Dr. Forte said. "When patients with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease do not take medication as directed, the repercussions can be severe. For instance, not keeping blood pressure in check can lead to heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure."

He concluded by saying, "Taking your medication as directed is a decision you make most of the time. It gives you the best opportunity to manage your chronic condition and maintain the best possible health for yourself."

The second guest speaker, Dr. Florence Foucauld, spoke about Diabetic Adherence.

"Diabetes is a challenging disease to manage successfully. Although the care regimen is complex, patients with good diabetes self-care behaviors can attain excellent glycemic control. However, many patients do not achieve good glycemic control and continue to suffer health problems as a result. Diabetes health care providers know that if only their patients adhered to their treatment recommendations, they could do well and avoid diabetes-related complications. The fact that so many patients do not can be very frustrating."

Dr. Foucauld's presentation was followed by a 20 minute entertainment session with comedian Jean Covens Rosier, better known as 'Tonton Dezirab,' who had the crowd in tears laughing.

Guitar player/songwriter Fritznie L. Joseph, aka 'Femme à la Guitare,' then took the stage to perform two wonderful songs.

The final guest speaker which concluded the importance of taking your medication was Medical Director, Dr. Benjamin Francois-Chavre.

After that, there was a Happy Birthday Tribute to all mothers, followed by special flower presentations.

Orrion Jeanne, 102 years old, was honored as the Eldest Member in the clinic; Marie-Therese Boyer as the most understanding, very patient and gracious, and someone who never complains.

Patient Lucienne Thermidor received distinction as the friendliest patient, someone always full of joy, someone who enjoys dancing, telling jokes, and always bringing the staff candies. As for Marie-Claudette Petit, she was acknowledged as a long-time patient, very loyal, known by all the clinic staff members as a 'The thank you lady.'

Comedian 'Tonton Dezirab' performed a second set of comedy before singer 'La Femme à La Guitare' concluded the event with two other beautiful songs. The crowd stood up to loudly applaud the singer.

The majority of the estimated 250 people in attendance were women and the celebration took place from 11:30am and 2:30pm. Music, drink, and food were all served to the attendees and it provided an opportunity for staff members to meet and dine with participants.

This event was a wonderful opportunity for community members to meet some of the medical professionals and other staff members who make Primary Medical Center one of the best facilities in the region. It was also a great opportunity to recognize their mission, which is to provide exceptional care to each person who steps through their doors, and to do so in a way that each person is treated as though they're family.







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