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Primary Medical Care Center gives back in a Major Way to the Community
for Thanksgiving
December 1, 2017 | 10h46 PM ET

MIAMI - Primary Medical Care Center is well-known in South Florida as the health facility which has never missed an opportunity of a special occasion to give back to families in need since its launch in March 2013. Giving back seems to be in the DNA of its founder and President Prinston Jean-Glaude.

Besides the mission of helping improve the quality of care to the Haitian community, PMCC staff members believe they all have a responsibility to give back; knowing that giving back creates a virtuous cycle and makes everyone more successful and happier.

Keeping up with Thanksgiving celebration traditions, this year the health facility gave back in a major way to the community, organizing an early Thanksgiving celebration for members of the community particularly those elderly men and women who rely on the clinic for their health needs - in both the Miami and Lauderdale Lakes locations. PMCC also supported a North Miami Senior High School initiative to give turkeys to many in need. Founder Prinston Jean-Glaude offered about one hundred turkeys to NMSH.

Miami Event On Friday, Nov. 17, about 220 people gathered from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Miami location (11500 NW 7th Avenue) to socialize, share a family meal, and enjoy some good entertainment provided by many local artists and DJ Mario Apollon.

As always, Founder Prinston Jean-Glaude, his wife Edwige Jean-Glaude (PMCC Vice-President), Dr. Alie Darbouze (Executive Director and VP), and the medical staff were present to share the joyful afternoon with so many guests.

As MC of the event, Dr. Darbouze found the perfect words to welcome their guests and explain why this was so important for having a 'Primary Family reunion,' especially during the Thanksgiving season.

"We gather here as one family, right? We here are all part of the Primary family," said Dr. Darbouze. "Everybody knows everyone else here. We wanted to bring all people (owners, patients, medical and administrative staff) together for a big pre-Thanksgiving celebration because we really care for you and appreciate your tremendous support of this health facility."

Dr. Darbouze then called Sister Beatrice Azor to deliver the Invocation and Benediction. She came back later with Sister Patricia Elizée to sing two wonderful gospel songs to help the audience align their souls with God.

"I am very excited to be here with you and so happy to see all of you gather here as one family to celebrate Thanksgiving," said founder Prinston Jean-Glaude who spent about five minutes interacting with the audience.

As a little joke, Mr. Jean-Glaude had to call his wife Edwidge in order to identify her - once for all - as many of the guests-patients had a tendency to confuse her with her older sister, Dr. Alie Darbouze; the two bear a remarkable resemblance.

Among the medical staff members who spoke at the event, there was Dr. Dorothy Chavre, Dr. Benjamen F. Chavre, and Dr. Jean-Marcel Forte, PA-C. They addressed the audience about diabetes risk factors and how to make healthy changes by simply adjusting one's diet and starting an exercise regimen such as walking.

Dr. Forte reminded the audience that diabetes is a chronic illness that requires continuing medical care and patient self-management education to prevent acute complications and to reduce the risk of long-term complications.

The physician asked each patient to be very careful during this upcoming holiday season by avoiding consuming food and drinks made with a lot of sugar. "it is okay to enjoy the holiday season," said Dr. Forte, "but you must always remember to do so responsibly. Otherwise, by January you are going to regret your irresponsible behavior. You are going to get sick; your blood sugar will go very high."

He concluded by saying, "Controlling your blood sugar level gives you the best opportunity to manage your chronic condition and maintain the best possible health for yourself." PMC staff members were on hand to help distribute Thanksgiving meals to the participants who had a great time under three big tents set up on the building's back yard. It was an opportunity for staff members to meet and dine with participants.

Liotes Orrion who has been using Primary Medical Care Center as his health facility since its opening in 2013 was happy to attend the Friday event.

"This event is a blessing for us as patients," said the 86 year-old. "It is a good thing to see so many people gather here as a family. There are regular patients and people who just came for the first time as guests. I personally bring with me three of my neighbors. When they witness how we live as one family here, they would eventually choose this facility next time they will have to go see a physician."

At the end of the event, each participant received a free turkey. Mr. Prinston seized that opportunity to thank member Renel Elie Bellevue for his dynamism. He was very helpful in getting around the city to buy the turkeys at numerous grocery stores.

Lauderdale Lakes event

The next day (Saturday November 18) the celebration continued at the new Lauderdale Lakes location, officially opened on Friday, June 6, 2017. About 160 people were welcomed by Primary staff members at the freshly renovated two-story building located at 2412 N State Road 7.

The event started at 12:15 p.m. with PMCC public relations Altiery Leandre welcoming the guests and stressing the importance of the gathering for the Thanksgiving season. Leandre pointed out that the health facility owners care so much for the patients that they will not let pass this opportunity to show gratitude to those who have already put their trust in the company, even though this branch is only 5 months old. His introduction was so moving, many attendees stood up to applaud.

"Primary is a family," said Leandre. "We gather here today for a moment of socialization, to pray, to sing, to dance and eat together. Yesterday we had a similar event in Miami. Today, we are here with you in Lauderdale Lakes. On behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Glaude [the owners] I thank you for your presence at this event and also for the trust you already invest in the clinic."

He was followed by Sister Patricia Elizée who sang a well-known gospel song that brought the guests on their feet, dancing to the end of her performance. Founder Prinston Jean-Glaude then addressed the audience. He acknowledged his wife Edwidge and many staff members who were present and helping out at the event.

In a very short address, Mr. Jean-Glaude thanked the guests for their attendance and most importantly for their support of this medical clinic. "I know you have many choices when it comes to medical clinic facilities," said the founder and president. "But you choose ours and that makes us feel blessed, special and it is very encouraging. This is one of the reasons we are working harder and harder every day to make sure we provide you the best medical care possible."

Vice-president Edwidge followed to thank the audience. She also took time to interact with the guests and announced that every participant would leave with a turkey and a Primary t-shirt.

Altiery Leandre, VP Edwidge Jean-Glaude, Executive Director and VP Dr. Alie Darbouze co-hosted the event in an informal way on this day since it was the first event organized at the new Lauderdale Lakes Branch. Representatives from several health companies were there to talk with patients about the medical benefits they offer.

DJ Mario Apollon was in the building to keep the guests entertained with some good gospel and compas songs he played that afternoon while they were eating the special Thanksgiving meal prepared by Primary Medical Care center staff members.

Everyone had a really great time at the event, which lasted until 3:35 p.m.

"Primay Medical care Clinic is a place where people can come and feel like family. We feel happy and proud when we see the gratitude on the faces of the participants we are helping. It is kind of our reward," said staff member Renel Denis Bellerive.

"It's a lot of fun when you get to do stuff like this with your family and your staff and give back," said founder Prinston Jean-Glaude in a private conversation to Le Floridien about the two separated festivities. "I've been blessed to have so much given to me in my life, and blessed to be able to help the less fortunate. Thanksgiving is the right time to show thankfulness and gratitude. Just to see the appreciation in their eyes, just to see the people respect you for the time and effort you've put into trying to help them out, it means a lot."

Jean-Glaude later stated that 'PMCC is the health facility of South Florida's Haitian Community. It is a company offering affordable health care services. It's apt that we already had a large presence in the community. We have also planned for more offices across Florida.'

For the past four years Primary Medical Care Center & Urgent Care Clinic, one of the leading medical centers in the South Florida region, offering state-of-the-art technology and genuine patient-centered care for non-life-threatening medical problems, has generously given away hundreds frozen turkeys to those in our local community. The Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving are turning out to be great days in the community of Miami and Lauderdale Lakes as a whole.

With so many people who need just a little extra help, especially during the holidays, the generosity of Primary Medical Care Center has been heartwarming. Giving away the turkeys is a token of Mr. and Mrs. Prinston Jean-Glaude's support of our local community. The couple is grateful to be able to support the community they have called home for many decades during Thanksgiving & the Holiday Season.







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