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Leon County Chief Circuit Judge Charles Francis rejects Florida House primary challenge filed by Rep. John Patrick Julien, a North Miami candidate who had alleged fraud in trying to overturn his primary election loss to Rep. Barbara Watson. "I do not think from what I've heard today there is sufficient evidence to go further," Francis said.

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Former singer Anna Pierre announces candidacy
for Mayor of North Miami

October 17, 2012

By Dessalines Ferdinand

NORTH MIAMI, Fl - A fourth Haitian-American candidate has officially entered the race to become the next mayor of the city of North Miami.

Former singer Anna L. Pierre, RN MPH, who has had great success with her popular hit song "Mete Suk soun Bonbon m," released in 1989, made an official announcement Wednesday morning (October 10) in an interview with Elizabeth Guerin of the morning show "Bonjour HAITI", air weekly on Radio Mega 1700 AM.

The nurse dropped her little "political bombshell," declaring her interest in running for mayoral seat of this city with a high concentration of Haitian residents.

"I never thought I would go into politics because of my professional activities. And this despite the fact that many people who have appreciated my volunteer work in the community through my business - located in the heart of North Miami for several years - which I lavished free health care for the poor," said Nurse Anna Pierre to the co-host of the popular morning show.

The candidate who has filed the Pre-candidacy registration form at the City Clerk's office on October 5, 2012, adds a little further, "I think the time has come to throw myself into politics."

Anna Pierre is currently the fourth Haitian-American who has entered the race to become the next mayor of North Miami.

She is seeking to succeed current Mayor Andre Pierre, who cannot seek a third consecutive term.

The other three candidates are: the current Councilman of District 3, Jean Rodrigue Marcellus, Dr. Smith Joseph, and Modira Escarment, head of "Escarpment Foundation for the Needy."

Still, the list of candidates for Mayor of the City of North Miami may increase in the coming days. At least three other persons of Haitian origin are expected to announce their candidacy for the mayoral seat of the fourth largest City in Miami-Dade County.

On June 18, 2012, former police chief Gwendolyn V. Boyd, an Afro-American woman has filled out the Pre-candidacy registration form to be on the ballot for the mayoral seat.

In the east side of the city, no candidate has yet officially declared. There was a hint that former mayor Frank Wooland might run, but it seems for the moment that the lawyer is strictly focused on managing his law firm.

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